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July 4th Scrambled Word Search #02()
July 4th Scrambled Word Search #02

July 4th Scrambled Word Search #02 For Google Apps
July 4th Scrambled Word Search #02

Educator resource activity for Fourth of July to support students in vocabulary building and spelling. Use also to engage learners in problem solving strategy development, including cooperative and collaborative learning.

Other lesson plan ideas for using puzzle: introduce topic with word search; use for bell work; include puzzle in literacy center for student self selection; put words in alphabetical order; create a glossary of terms using the list of words; organize the words into their respective parts of speech.

Students solve the puzzle by first rearranging the letters to uncover the word clue. Next, they locate the word hidden in the grid. Then, circle the letters in the word.

Free printable and google apps July 4th scrambled word search puzzle. Suitable for home schooling, in-class learning, hybrid learning, distance learning and as a tutoring resource.