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4th of July Scrambled Letters Puzzle()
4th of July Scrambled Letters Puzzle

Are you looking for teacher activities for Fourth of July? This scrambled letters word search puzzle includes 20 words, with letters scrambled, that students need to unjumble and then locate them in the grid.

This brain teaser activates problem solving strategies, engages the brain, consolidates spelling and vocabulary building for theme related words.

Ideas for use in the classroom:
l. use as bell work. Why? This gets the brain engaged and thinking about the Fourth of July.
2. use to help create a cooperative and collaborative classroom. How? Have students work together to solve the puzzle. Why? Students learn from one another which in turn augments each students' knowledge base.
3. use to facilitate growth of students' problem solving strategies. How? Educator can model how to approach the scrambled letters puzzle. Why? Students need to have approaches to problem solving strategies modeled for them, especially if these types of word search puzzles are not as familiar. Engaging the brain can help increase neural connections, which in turn facilitates the transfer of strategies and knowledge from one subject area to another.

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