French Vocabulary Word Shapes #03

French Vocabulary Word Shapes #03

French Vocabulary Word Shapes #03 For Google Apps
French Vocabulary Word Shapes #03

Are you a teacher, parent or caregiver looking for unique digital (Google Apps) and printable (PDF) resources for your French programming? This French vocabulary sight words words shapes puzzle supports Core French and French Immersion classrooms. Puzzle engages critical thinking skills and activates problem solving strategies as students work to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle supports
-French vocabulary building
-fine motor skills
-visual acuity while engaging critical thinking skills
-English language learners, as they are often part of French classrooms

Engaging puzzle supports all learning environments:
-homeschooling environments
-as a tutoring resource
-Substitute Teacher's Toolkit
-remote learning
-hybrid classrooms
-in-person classrooms

To complete the printable version of the word shapes puzzle
-download, print and record the letters in the correct word shapes boxes

To complete the Google Apps version of the puzzle
-copy the file to the computer, and use the text tool to record the correct letter in each question

Puzzle supports:
- students learning French in core French classrooms
- students learning French in French immersion classrooms
- English language learners
- others wishing to learn French
- Substitute teachers' work in both Core and French Immersion classrooms