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Puzzles with Muscles ()
Puzzles with Muscles

Puzzles with muscles. Here is a crosspatch printable puzzle about the body's musculo-skeletal system. This puzzle engages students' brains. It requires problem solving skills to complete. This free puzzle is suitable for home schooling and students in elementary grades 5,6 classrooms. The musculo-skeletal system puzzle can also be used as a refresher for students in middle grades 7,8,9 classrooms. Include in the unit about the human body. Develop extension activities to include: create a wordsearch printable puzzle using the recently consolidated, or learned, vocabulary; construct a crossword with clues puzzle and then give to a partner to solve; put the list of names in alphabetical order.

School's Out!

Looking for Educator resources for end of year to keep students engaged during those last days before school ends for summer? This collection of EOY puzzle resources can be found here .

We are always creating new puzzles. Remember to check back often for updates.

New Arrival  Portillon puzzle