Landforms Matching #04

Landforms Matching #04

Landforms Matching #04 For Google Apps
Landforms Matching #04

Are you looking for choice board activity ideas or resources for landforms? Use list of 11 landforms words and match with the list of clues. Answers included in the file download. Puzzle suits grades 3-5, home school and tutoring resource. Engages kids' brains while supporting vocabulary building.

Download the printable version or save the Google Slide™ to your computer.

Solve the puzzle
l. review the list of words below the clues
2. match words with the correct clues
3. record the answer, using either the correct letter or the name of the landform, that matches the clue
4. cross off each matched word; process of elimination

Choice board activity ideas
l. compile a play list of music and match it with images of landforms
2. draw 2D models of landforms using color and labels
3. make connections between and among the various landforms (e.g. how are canyons and ravines similar/different?)

Looking to create word searches? Here is a link to blank word search grids: blank word search grid.