Landforms Wordangle #02

Landforms Wordangle #02

Landforms Wordangle #02 For Google Apps
Landforms Wordangle #02

Are you an educator/caregiver looking for lesson plan or home activities and resources to support kids learning about landforms? Landforms wordangle puzzle engages critical thinking skills while adding a twist to the solution! Most letter paths include one right hand turn. Puzzle suits students in grades 3-5, home school environments and as a tutoring resource.

Available as puzzle to print and Google Apps™.

Solve the puzzle
-Review the list of words below the grid
-Locate the start bubbles, which are the beginning letters of each word hidden in the grid. Word paths can travel up, down, right, and left. There are no diagonal letter paths.
-Trace the word paths.
-Track progress by checking off each word as it is located in the grid.

Ideas for choice board activities:
l. order words in reverse alphabetical order
2. work with a partner to create a 3-D model of a landform
3. draw pictures of the different landforms
4. engage student CREATIVITY by having them construct their own word search puzzles to share (link below)

Use this link for blank word search grids: blank word search grid.