Landforms Word Maze #02

Landforms Word Maze #02

Landforms Word Maze #02 For Google Apps
Landforms Word Maze #02

Looking for educator lesson plan activities and resources for landforms to support differentiated learning? Here is a landforms word maze puzzle to engage critical thinking skills while creating a unique pathway within the word search grid! Word paths wander up, down, right and left. Letter paths do not cross, nor are there any diagonal directional word paths.

Available as puzzle to print and in Google Slide™ format.

Solve the puzzle
Step 1: Review the list of words in the word bank to engage the brain.
Step 2: Locate the circled letter, |F|
Step 3: Trace the letter path for the first word.
Step 4: Locate the second word using list of word clues, and the letters in the grid at the end of the first word path, and trace its path. The maze is complete when all word paths are traced and connected.
Step 5: Track progress by crossing off each word as it is located in the grid.

Choice board activity ideas:
l. have students create brain teaser puzzles using the list of word clues (or other land form words). e.g. scrambled letters puzzle; matching puzzle; word search puzzles using blank work search grids (see link below)
2. create a jingle/poem using the list of words from the puzzle
3. draw pictures of the different landforms with labels

Here is the link to blank word search grids: blank word search grid.