Landforms Hidden Words #04

Landforms Hidden Words #04

Landforms Hidden Words #04 For Google Apps
Landforms Hidden Words #04

Are you a teacher, parent, or caregiver looking for distance learning resources about earth science and landforms? This landforms hidden words word search puzzle engages critical thinking skills and supports kids growth as independent learners. Puzzle activates problem solving strategies, supports vocabulary building skills and makes learning fun without the kids even knowing it! Suits students in grades 3-5, home school environments.

Solve the puzzle
1. brainstorm possible words hidden in the grid
2. locate words hidden in the grid (no start bubble hints)
3. trace, or circle, the 15 letter paths
4. word paths travel up, down, right, left and diagonally in all 8 directions
5. record the words in the space provided

Some lesson plan resource ideas:
l. use list of recorded words to create pictures of the different landforms
2. organize words into common categories (e.g. land, water, both, other?)
3. record the words in alphabetical order

This challenging word search is available in downloadable printable and Google Slides™ formats.