Landforms Scrambled Words #01

Landforms Scrambled Words #01

Landforms Scrambled Words #01 For Google Apps
Landforms Scrambled Words #01

Learning at home resources to support kids learning about earth science and landforms. Here is a landforms scrambled letters word search puzzle. Suitable for students in grades 3-5, home school environments. Letter hints support differentiation.

Challenging puzzle is available as printable and in Google Apps™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
1. First, rearrange the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid.
2. Remember to record the correct spelling.
3. Next, locate the letter hints/start bubbles, which are the first letters in each word.
4. Remember that word paths travel horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in all 8 directions
5. Then, trace the letter paths.
6. Finally, track progress by checking off each word as it is located in the grid.

Lesson plan resource ideas could include:
l. organize the words in alphabetical order
2. create a chart of landforms, their definitions, and a short description of each
3. use list of words as possible research topics
4. foster CREATIVITY by having students construct their own word search puzzles to share (link below)

Link to blank word search grid: blank word search grid