Matter Crossword 01

Matter Crossword 01

Matter Crossword 01 For Google Apps
Matter Crossword 01

Are you an educator looking for resources to support 2nd and 3rd grade states of matter science program? States of matter and properties of matter crossword puzzle challenges kids grades 2-3. Be careful of some of the clues. Puzzle available and downloadable printable and Google Apps™ version.

For example:
Clue: Opposite of light.
Answer: ?heavy ?dark
Use shared letters to problem solve the answer.

To solve the puzzle:
l. review the across and down clues
2. answer the clues that are the easiest, which might include fill-in-the-blank
3. print the answer in the numbered blank boxes in the grid
4. use shared letters to help solve the remaining clues
5. track progress by checking off each clue as it is solved