Matter Multiple Choice-05

Matter Multiple Choice-05

Matter Multiple Choice-05 For Google Apps
Matter Multiple Choice-05

Looking for teacher, parent, caregiver resources for 2nd and 3rd grade states of matter and properties of matter? This multiple choice puzzle includes clues for both concepts. Rather than students recalling the information to solve the puzzle, they only need to recognize the correct information.

Properties of matter can include: weight/mass, color, texture, melting and boiling points, hardness/softness, feel (rough, smooth, scratchy, prickly), sound (loud, quiet, creaky), what it looks like (shiny, dull, sparkly), whether matter sinks/floats, temperature (hot, cold, warm)

2nd and 3rd grade states and properties of matter multiple choice puzzle available in both puzzle to print and Google Apps™ versions.

Solve the puzzles
-review each clue and the four choices (a,b,c,d)
-print the correct answer on the line next to the clue

Choice board activities
1. create a work of art remembering to include as much vocabulary in the art form
2. have students create a puzzle of their choice: crossword, word search, matching
3. write a story using the vocabulary from the puzzle