Periodic Table Wordangle #09

Periodic Table Wordangle #09

Are you a teacher looking for lesson plan activities and resources for the periodic table of elements? Here is an academic chemistry periodic table puzzle that includes a list of 20 unique periodic elements hidden in a word search grid. Note that this word angle puzzle has a twist in its solution: most letter paths in the grid have one right hand turn. Some word paths do cross.

Solve the puzzle:
1. review the list of words: this engages the brain
2 NOTE word paths TRAVEL vertically, horizontally, forwards, backwards, but not diagonally
3. INTERSECTION POINTS: some word paths DO cross
4. TRACE the letter paths: most word paths have one right angled turn
5. TRACK progress: check off words as they are located in the grid

Here are some lesson plan activity ideas:
1. students GENERATE personal word search puzzles to exchange with peers to solve [use blank word search grids found at the link below]
2. ORGANIZE the list of elements by number of isotopes
3. CREATE a list of no less than 10 compounds (e.g. carbon dioxide, water, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, etc) and then organize the list in ascending/descending order of protons, neutrons or electrons
4. use list of words as ideas for more RESEARCH IDEAS (e.g. how were some of the elements named? (Krypton, for example))
5. DISCOVER, and RECORD a list of compounds found in households (chemical formula and scientific name)

Access blank word search grids here: blank word searches.

What are some benefits of using puzzles in the classroom? Benefits include:
1. engage students' critical thinking skills
2. activate development of students' problem solving skills
3. support brain health
4. help improve memory
5. support consolidation of spelling of academic words