Periodic Hidden Word Search#09

Periodic Hidden Word Search#09

Are you an educator looking for interactive lesson plan activities and resources to support academic chemistry? Here is a periodic table of elements hidden words word search puzzle, missing the list of word clues. Activates problem solving skills. Suitable for grades 9-12, home schools, university review and tutoring resources.

Problem Solving Strategies
-read the instructions - 20 hidden words
-brain storm ideas for possible words
-obtain a copy of the table of elements as a reference
-review the periodic table of elements
-locate words hidden in the grid
-word search puzzles have letter paths that travel in multiple directions (up/down/forwards/backwards/diagonally)
-trace the letter paths
-circle the letter paths
-track progress until all 20 words are located
-record the list of hidden words in the space provided
-solve the puzzle with a friend
-have multiple copies of the puzzle and have many students working to locate the hidden words
-while not recommended, locate at least one word in the puzzle by checking the puzzle solution

Lesson plan activity ideas:
l. ORGANIZE table of elements using any number of categories: a) toxicity, b) atomic weight/number/mass, c) period, d) group, e) number of isotopes, f) stability, or g) other category
2. EXPLORE the history behind table of elements listed (once puzzle solved).
3. CREATE a list of all scientists who discovered the elements
4. ENCOURAGE students to CREATE word searches using grid templates found here: Blank Word Search grids.
5. CHALLENGE students to create interactive games/puzzles, such as: BINGO games, cryptograms, cryptolists, crossword puzzles (regular, freeform, crosspatch), anagrams, scrambled letters