Periodic Table Wordsearch Challenge10

Periodic Table Wordsearch Challenge10

Periodic Table Wordsearch Challenge10 For Google Apps
Periodic Table Wordsearch Challenge10

This word search Periodic Table challenge puzzle is a 17x17 grid with 15 theme related words that can appear diagonally, vertically, or horizontally in all 8 directions. The challenge is to also find one more word that is hidden in the word search grid, but does not appear in the word bank below the puzzle. Suits grades 9-12 secondary classes, home schoolers as well as university and college students needing to review science vocabulary suited to their courses such as earth and environmental sciences, geosciences, or any of the allied health sciences programs.

This is the link for the instructions to complete this downloadable word search puzzle: Instructions for Challenging Word Search Puzzle

There are two formats:
l. download this puzzle to print for the PDF version
2. click on the Google Apps link to copy the file to the computer for the Google Apps version