Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#06

Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#06

Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#06 For Google Apps
Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#06

Looking for fun educator activities and resources for states of matter? Here is a properties of matter scrambled letters puzzle that engages learners with a list of words specific to properties of matter: mass/density, temperature (hot, cold), sound (loud, soft), color, texture (rough, smooth, crinkly, fuzzy), shape (round, square), taste (sweet, sour, bitter), size (big, small), bendability, hardness/softness.

Scrambled letters puzzle is available in two formats: downloadable puzzle to print and Google Slide™ format.

States of matter include: solids, liquids, gases

Solve the puzzle
1. rearrange the letters in each question to reveal the word
2. print the correct spelling on the blank line

For more fun learning, here are a few choice board activities that students can try to further consolidate knowledge and understanding of the concepts of properties of matter:

1. print the words in reverse alphabetical order
2. create matter that includes any number of the properties listed
3. create a new type of puzzle: crossword, multiple choice, word search (blank word search grids can be found here: word search grid

Puzzle suits blended and distance learning, home schooling, as a tutoring resource, independent and differentiated learning environments.