Properties Crosspatch #09

Properties Crosspatch #09

Properties Crosspatch #09 For Google Apps
Properties Crosspatch #09

Properties of Matter crosspatch puzzle to engage critical thinking skills, kids gr 2-3, while consolidating spelling of science vocabulary. Puzzle supports distance and blended learning, independent and differentiated learning environments.

Available as Google Slide™ and downloadable printable.

To solve the puzzle:
l. review the words below the crosspatch grid; there are no letter hints
2. fill in the blank spaces with the words; start with words that have the least/most letters
3. continue to fill in the blanks with words that share common letters, completing the puzzle
4. track progress by crossing off each word as the puzzle is completed

Three states of matter: liquids, solids and gases.
Properties of matter are the characteristics of matter and can include: color, mass/weight, texture (smooth, rough, soft), odor (stinky, acrid, sweet), size (small, large, big, small), sounds it makes (creaky, loud, noisy), whether matter sinks/floats.

Choice Board Activities
l. use words to create accurate science related sentences for properties of matter
2. get students to create their own puzzles (multiple choice, crossword, wordsearch)
3. have kids organize words into groups, remembering to give each group a name based on common characteristics) (e.g. color, texture, etc).