Properties of Matter Wordsearch#12

Properties of Matter Wordsearch#12

Properties of Matter Wordsearch#12 For Google Apps
Properties of Matter Wordsearch#12

This 15 word properties of matter word search puzzle engages kids' critical thinking skills while making learning fun. Puzzle available in printable and Google Apps™ formats.

Some properties of matter are:
~color (red, orange, black, yellow, blue, green, purple, bright, dull)
~texture (soft, gooey, fluffy, rough, smooth)
~volume (the amount of space it occupies)
~temperature (hot, cold, tepid)
~what it smells like (stinky, sweet)
~melting and boiling points
~the sound things make (e.g. creaky, crunchy)
~whether it sinks/floats
~how bendable it is
~whether it is hard or soft
~mass (how much it weighs)
~whether something is magnetic or not

Solve the puzzle:
l. review the list of words
2. locate words hidden in the grid; no letter hints
3. trace the letter paths; letter paths travel up, down, right, left and diagonally in all 8 directions
4. track progress by crossing off each word as it is found

Choice Board Activities
l. use the words to create a new puzzles (crosswords, matching, multiple choice)
2. include puzzle in literacy and science centers
3. have kids put the words in reverse alphabetical order

Puzzle suits kids grades 2-3, blended and distance learning, independent and differentiated learning environments.