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Challenge Your Sudoku Skills()
Challenge Your Sudoku Skills

Challenge your Sudoku skills with the Samurai Sudoku interlaced 5-grid format. Each of 4 9x9 grids are connected to a center Sudoku at the four corners of the center grid.

To solve this brain teaser use basic rules of Sudoku where the digits 1-9 occur only once in each column, each row and within each of the forty-one 3x3 grids.

This puzzle is rated beginner, or easy. It engages the brain, activates logic problem solving skills to arrive at one unique solution.

Happy Valentine's!

It's just about here! Valentine's Day. Here is the direct link to our ever growing Valentine's Day Puzzle collection. We are now adding some really cool word search puzzles for this category: Word Search Puzzles - Valentine's Day. Please note: it's still growing!

Still looking for a challenge? Try the Samurai Sudoku - Beginner Puzzles. They are a hit!

Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

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