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Logic and Rules Solve Puzzle()
Logic and Rules Solve Puzzle

This Samurai Sudoku puzzle requires logic and the basic rules of Sudoku to solve the challenge of an interconnected group of five 9x9 grids.

The shaded area is where each of 4 puzzle grids connect with the center grid. And this is also where the puzzle can be very challenging, since it requires the puzzle solver to consider two puzzles, rather than a single puzzle.

Use these extreme forms of puzzles to support brain health as it can help to strengthen short term memory and logic skills.

Happy Valentine's!

It's just about here! Valentine's Day. Here is the direct link to our ever growing Valentine's Day Puzzle collection. We are now adding some really cool word search puzzles for this category: Word Search Puzzles - Valentine's Day. Please note: it's still growing!

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Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

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