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Brain Teaser Sudoku()
Brain Teaser Sudoku

These brain teaser Samurai Sudoku puzzles are sure to give puzzle solvers hours of enjoyment and a great brain workout!

Combine logical reasoning Sudoku's basic rules, to reveal the unique solution in this beginner fiendish Sudoku.

Sudoku's Basic Rules include:
a) Digits 1-9, only, can be used
b) Digits can only appear once in each column
c) Digits can only appear once in each row
d) Digits can only appear once in each 3x3 grid

There are 4 shaded areas in this puzzle. This highlights the areas that are shared with other other 4 Sudoku grids in the larger puzzle.

Happy Easter!

The team at Learn With Puzzles wishing everyone a wonderful and Happy Easter! To get ready and have fun at the same down, download and print puzzles to take outside and enjoy the sunshine, get some fresh air and engage the brain!

Here are the link to get the kids engaged with the Easter Theme: Easter Puzzles Collection!

Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

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