St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-13

St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-13

St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-13 For Google Apps
St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-13

Looking for teacher lesson plan resources for St. Patrick's Day? Word search puzzles has 2 twists to its solution! A scrambled letters twist and some words have a right angled turn in their letter paths.

Puzzle supports distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning environments. Available in PDF (print) and Google Apps versions.

Solve the wordangle puzzle:
l. rearrange the letters and record the correct spelling for each
2. locate the circled letter
3. trace the letter paths
4. remember that most words have a right hand turn in their letter paths

Here are some additional lesson plan ideas:
l. use puzzle to introduce St. Patrick's Day
2. have students arrange words reverse alphabetically
3. have students arrange the scrambled word clues alphabetically or reverse alphabetically