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Angles Galore For St. Paddy's()
Angles Galore For St. Paddy's

Are you an educator looking for lesson plan resources for St. Patrick's Day? This St. Paddy's Day word search puzzle has 2 twists to its solution! A scrambled letters twist PLUS some words have a right angled turn in their letter paths.

To solve the wordangle puzzle:
l. rearrange the letters and record the correct spelling for each
2. locate the circled letter, as these letter hints are the first letter in each word
3. trace the letter paths
4. remember that most words have a right hand turn in their letter paths

There are some 2-word clues, but the scrambled letters do not always represent the number of letters in each word!

Other lesson plan ideas:
l. use this unique wordangle puzzle to introduce St. Patrick's Day
2. have students arrange words alphabetically
3. have students arrange the scrambled word clues alphabetically or reverse alphabetically

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