St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-20

St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-20

St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-20 For Google Apps
St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-20

Looking for teacher lesson plan activities and resources to support St. Patrick's Day programming? This St. Patrick's Day wordangle puzzle with 3 twists to its solution:
1. 15 scrambled letters word clues - rearranging letters activates problem solving skills;
2. most hidden words have a right angled turn in their letter paths - locating both the hidden words and the turn supports visual acuity; and
3. some word clues have more than one word in them, BUT the scrambled letters do not always show the correct number of letters in each word (for example: the word clue 'Blarney Stone' may be have scrambled letter clues that look like 'nearbs lnto ye') - this twist activates critical thinking skills.

To solve this brain teaser, kids:
-first rearrange the letters in each word clue to reveal the list of words hidden in the grid
-next, have them record the correct spelling for each word to help with solving the puzzle more quickly
-then, they locate each word clue in the grid and draw a circle around the hidden word
-remember to watch for any right angle turns in the letter paths
-finally, they track their progress by checking off each word as it is found

Supports distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning environments. Available in PDF (print) and Google Apps versions.

Other lesson plan activities:
l. have students find smaller words within larger word clues (e.g. the word clue: pot of gold, would give some of these smaller words: top, go, old)
2. include puzzles in literacy centers
3. word list can be used as writing prompts