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Brain Teaser St. Paddy's Day()
Brain Teaser St. Paddy's Day

Do puzzles support learning in the classroom? In short, yes, they do. Puzzles challenge the brain in an interactive and fun way, increasing connections between and among words, ideas, concepts. This supports growth and development of vocabulary and problem solving strategies.

Puzzles support learning in the classroom by also fostering a cooperative and collaborative learning environment by having students work together to solve brain teasers. Collaboration helps to improve communication skills and team building skills.

St. Patrick's Day word maze puzzle activates problem solving strategies by requiring students to first unscramble the letters in each word clue. The list of 14 words is hidden in a word search grid. Students must trace each letter path to create a maze within in the grid. These letter paths do NOT cross.

How to solve the puzzle:
1. unjumble the scrambled letters in word clues to reveal the 14 words hidden in the grid
2. locate the start bubble (circled letter locates the 1st letter of the 1st hidden word)
3. trace the letter path to spell the word (letters travel forwards, backwards, vertically and horizontally)
4. at the end of the word locate the first letter of the next word and trace its letter path
5. repeat steps 3-4 until the maze is complete

1. letter paths create a maze but do not cross.
2. cross out word clues as they are found

Word maze puzzles are suitable for home school and classroom learning environments.


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