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How do puzzles help learning? Puzzles are a great way to help consolidate vocabulary. Here is a St. Patrick's Day words word search puzzle with 20 words hidden in the grid, but no list is provided. To solve the puzzle students need to locate the words and then record the list in the space under the grid. This particular puzzle helps consolidate vocabulary because students need to draw upon prior knowledge in order to solve this brain teaser.

Word search puzzles like these brain teasers help learning in a number of ways:

1. Engage students' brains because students need to draw upon their knowledge of theme words before locating them in the grid.
2. When students engage with their peers to solve puzzles, then it helps to create a cooperative and collaborative learning environment.
3. Word search puzzles are interactive requiring students' brains to look for letter and word patterns.

Spring Is Almost Here!

The first day of Spring in North America is just around another big corner. Download and print puzzles to take outside and enjoy the sunshine, get some fresh air and engage the brain!

Here are two links to a couple of great brain teasers on our website: Samurai Sudoku Puzzles and our Alphadoku Puzzle collection!

Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

New Arrival  Portillon puzzle