States of Matter Scrambled#06

States of Matter Scrambled#06

States of Matter Scrambled#06 For Google Apps
States of Matter Scrambled#06

Are you looking for educational and innovative brain teasers for states of matter? This scrambled letters word search puzzle will engage critical thinking skills while helping to build vocabulary and consolidate spelling! Great for distance and blended learning, independent and differentiated learning environments. Available as downloadable puzzle to print and Google Slide™.

Solve The Puzzle
l. first, unscramble the letters in each word clue to reveal the word; print the correct spelling
2. next, review the list of words hidden in the grid
3. then, locate the circled letters and trace each letter path; letter paths go up, down, left, right and diagonally in all 8 directions
4. finally, track progress by crossing out each word as it is located.

Choice Board Activities
l. have kids do a scavenger hunt to locate some of the vocabulary from the puzzle (e.g. moist: find something that is moist (dew, condensation on a glass)
2. categorize each word by relating it to the states of matter: solids, liquids, gases
3. have students create any number of puzzles using vocabulary from this and any other puzzle (crosswords, multiple choice, word searches)
4. have students complete the Frayar Model graphic organizer for each word