Scrambled Letters #05

Scrambled Letters #05

Scrambled Letters #05 For Google Apps
Scrambled Letters #05

Are you looking for fun and innovative educator activities and resources for states of matter? Here is a scrambled letters puzzle to engage critical thinking skills while helping to build vocabulary and consolidate spelling! Word bank provided. Puzzle is available as downloadable puzzle to print and Google Slide™.

Solve The Puzzle
1. unscramble the letters in each question
2. print the correct spelling on the blank line

Choice Board Activities
l. have kids do a scavenger hunt to locate some of the vocabulary from the puzzle (e.g. look for something that might solidify - water freezes to a solid; olive oil solidifies w
2. have students create a puzzle using vocabulary from this and other know states of matter words (crosswords, multiple choice, word searches)
3. organize words by category of state: solid, liqhen put in the fridge)uid, gas