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Crosspatch Summer Puzzle()
Crosspatch Summer Puzzle

This summer activities crosspatch puzzle is sure to engage kids brains and get them thinking about the types of activities they would like to do over the summer.

Start first my filling in the blanks with the various summer activities listed in the word bank. Then, after the puzzle is completed, decide which activities are worth exploring!

To solve the puzzle you can use trial and error. However, it might be worth using a systematic approach by determining what categories of #letters in the words have the feweest number in that category. Or, the category of #letters in the words that have the most number of letters in the category.

In this case, there is one word that has three letters, /sew/, and one word that has 13 letters, /gallery visits/. Fill in the blanks with these letters. Next, look for intersection of letters to complete the puzzle.


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