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Activities-Summer Crosspatch Puzzle()
Activities-Summer Crosspatch Puzzle

This activities crosspatch puzzle challenges kids' brains as they jump into summer mode. Here are activities that they should find interesting, some challenging and some activities where they would like to spend time with parents and grandparents!

To solve this crosspatch puzzle, using trial and error is one method. However, using a systematic approach helps hone problem solving strategies that become transferable to other areas of curriculum and problem solving.

To start, find a summer activity that has the fewest number of letters in the clue. In this case, there is only ONE word with the fewest number of letters. That word is /snorkel/. Next, fill in the 7 blanks with this word. Answers usually go left to right or top to bottom.

Then, find other words where there is only ONE of them with that number of letters.

Another approach might be to find the intersecting letters in the word /snorkel/ that align with other words in the list.

Finally, as more of the blanks get filled in, it will be easier to complete the puzzle.

When the puzzle is done, decide which activity you would like to explore and have more fun!


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