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A Summer Crossword Puzzle()
A Summer Crossword Puzzle

Summer activities crossword puzzle to jump start the summer holidays. Challenge the brain by using the across and down clues to get the answer. Then, fill in the numbered grid spaces to complete the puzzle.

Crossword puzzles support brain health. This summer activities puzzle also gives many ideas for what kids and parents, or kids and grandparents can do for fun and exploration.

Solve the crossword by first answering the clues that have blank lines. Usually, this is an expression or part of a pair of words that normally belong together. For example: pail and shovel, shoes and socks.

Then, look for clues that ask for opposites, or plurals or names of known items.


And, here we are getting read to go back to school! We hope that you are doing well during these trying times. To jump start the year, here are direct links to our Back To School puzzles and games: Back to School Puzzles | Back to School BINGO Game.

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