Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #03

Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #03

Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #03 For Google Apps
Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #03

Here is a jumbled letters puzzle containing unique summer activities kids and parents can share.

Engaging and challenging summer jumbled letters puzzle is available in downloadable printable, PDF, and google apps formats. Suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-class and virtual learning) and in-class learning.

To solve the puzzle, review the list of jumbled letters for each word of group of words. If there is a long string of scrambled letters, then chances are that there is more than one word. Remember to leave spaces between words, and if needed, continue printing the answer below the question.

Next, choose the sequence of letters with the least number of letters. Then, unscramble them and record the information in the space provided.

Finally, continue this process until all words, or phrases, have been unscrambled.