Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #05

Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #05

Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #05 For Google Apps
Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #05

This summer activities jumbled letters puzzle is a great way to jump start the summer holidays.

Solve the puzzle by making a list of all the summer activities that you can think of. Then, look at the list of scrambled letters to see if there are any common letter patterns that can be created to match the list of summer activities.

Remember to rearrange the jumbled letters in a way that leaves spaces between words and includes capital letters for proper nouns.

Next, once the puzzle is solved, try out a number of the summer activities with family and friends.

Engaging and challenging summer jumbled letters puzzle is available in downloadable printable, PDF, and google apps formats. Suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-class and virtual learning) and in-class learning.