Thanksgiving Word Angle #01

Thanksgiving Word Angle #01

Thanksgiving Word Angle #01 For Google Apps
Thanksgiving Word Angle #01

Are you an Educator looking for lesson plan activities for Thanksgiving? Word angle puzzles engage students' brains while activating problem solving strategies.

Word angle puzzles are like word searches, only with a twist. A right angled twist. Puzzle is available in printable, PDF, and Google Slides™ versions.

Word search like puzzle supports:
-vocabulary building
-fine motor skills
-visual acuity
-improved working memory skills

Include this puzzle in:
-distance, blended, independent, and differentiated classrooms
-in-person classrooms
-homeschooling environments

To complete the printable version of the puzzle:
-download and print
-review the list of words in the word bank
-locate the words hidden in the grid
-trace the letter paths remembering that most words have one right hand turn
-track progress by checking off each word as it is found

To complete the Google Slides™ version of the puzzle:
-copy the file to the computer
-review the list of words
-locate the words in the puzzle
-use the line tool (or the shapes tool with color set to transparent) to trace the letter paths for each word
-remember that most words have one right hand turn