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Collaborate with Friends()
Collaborate with Friends

Looking for lesson plan activities to foster collaboration in the classroom? Thanksgiving word maze puzzle gives and extra challenge because the letters in the word clues are scrambled. Students need to rearrange the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid.

Next, start at the circled letter, trace each letter path, remembering that letter paths do not cross.

Puzzles are a fun and interactive way to support visual acuity, vocabulary building and a collaborative classroom environment.

Independence Day!

Are you ready for July 4th? Here are quick links to our collection of Declaration of Independence Day puzzles: Declaration of Independence. If you want July 4th, United States states puzzles, then check out the history link: Fourth of July.

We continue to grow! Our collection of Parts of a Plant has been updated and is growing to 76 puzzles. Here is the direct link here: Parts of a Plant. Enjoy!