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Cooperative Wordsearch()
Cooperative Wordsearch

Are you an educator looking for cooperative and collaborative teaching resources for Thanksgiving? This crossword like word search puzzle engages students in collaborative learning as they work together to solve across and down clues.

Solve the puzzle by first answering the across and down clues. Then, record the answer next to the clue. Next, locate the words hidden in the grid.

To jump start the solution, try answering or solving the clues that are fill in the blanks as these tend to be the easiest to solve. Next, if any questions or clues require answers to plurals, antonyms, or synonyms, then solve for these as they tend to be the next easiest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

WOW! It's November...again! The Learn With Puzzles team continues to work hard to publish brain challenging puzzles. The most recent addition to the collection is Commonly Misspelled Words Word Search Puzzles. Brain teasers of all sorts include word clues that are incorrectly spelled and scrambled letters for these commonly misspelled words.

Here is the direct link: Commonly Misspelled Words.

And, in keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, here are two direct links to the collections: Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzles. And the second link: Thanksgiving Puzzles. Remember to check back often for updates.

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