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Hidden Words

This Thanksgiving hidden words word search puzzle engages students' brains and fosters a collaborative classroom as they work together to solve the puzzle.

Creative ideas for solving the puzzle:
~ have teams of 2-3 students work together to solve the puzzle
~ brainstorm ideas of possible words that might be hidden in the grid
~ practise solving other word search puzzles (with puzzle clues) to get the brain used to searching for hidden words

Creative lesson plan activities with the recorded word list:
~ substitute one letter for another and create cryptolists or create a cryptogram
~ have students create their own word search puzzles to exchange with friend and solve
~ substitute the letters A-Z with numbers (eg. 1-26) and then create math activities by substituting each letter with the corresponding number and then perform operations (eg. add, multiply)
~ put words in reverse alphabetical order
~ use words as writing prompts (poetry, nonsense verse, adventure story, procedural writing (e.g. how to carve a pumpkin)

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