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Presidents Wordsaerch Puzzle()
Presidents Wordsaerch Puzzle

Are you a teacher looking for resources for US Presidents? Here is a hidden word search grid using 11 presidential names. It is missing the list of word clues. To solve the puzzle locate the names of presidents hidden in the grid. Circle the letters in the name, and then record the name in the space below the grid.

Additional activity ideas to include in your lesson plans:
l. have students create a list of Presidents whose names do NOT appear in the list.
2. use puzzle as an assessment tool
3. include puzzle as part of literacy center
4. put names of presidents in alphabetical order
5. put names of presidents NOT on the list in reverse chronological order

Kids love being creative and making their own word search puzzle related to presidents is one way to get them engaged in a fun, learning activity.

Here is the link to our collection of blank work search grids:
Word Search Grids

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