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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 07()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 07

Are you looking for teacher activities and lesson plan resources for Valentine's Day programming? Here is a Valentine's Day activity page that includes a word search puzzle and a fill in the blanks activity using the correct word. The 5 sentences that students need to complete help consolidate understanding of sentence structure. They also help students build vocabulary and consolidate spelling. The word search includes a list of 6 words (lace, secret, letter, violets, holiday, resent) hidden in the grid. Words may be found in a number of directions: forwards, backwards, vertically or horizontally. Words are not hidden diagonally.

Happy February!

February is a time to celebrate Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, and Valentine's Day!

New puzzles have been added for Black History Month, including a BINGO Game. Check back often for NEW puzzles!