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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 11()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 11

Are you looking for teacher resources for your Valentine's Day unit? Here is a Grade 2 Valentine's Day activity page that includes:
l. a list of 10 words hidden in a word search puzzle (February, candy, cupcake, violet, feelings, cupid, purple, friendship, flowers, poem), and
2. a follow up activity

The follow up activity directs students to choose 4 words from the list and then write each word in a sentence. These activities help consolidate spelling, support problem solving strategies and fine motor skill development. It also helps build vocabulary.

Words hidden in the grid may be found in a number of directions: vertical, horizontal, forwards, or backwards. No words are hidden in the diagonal direction.

Other ideas for using this activity page might include:
- put the words in alphabetical order
- use the list of 10 words as writing prompts (poetry, more sentences, create stories, description, directions)
- create a picture using any number of words