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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 16()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 16

Are you looking for educator resources for the Valentine's Day unit? This Grade 2 Valentine's Day activity page includes:
l. a list of 10 words hidden in the grid (cute, dove, happy, St. Valentine, teddy bear, share, pink, holiday, send, poetry), and
2. a follow up activity

This challenging follow up activity directs students to put the words in reverse alphabetical order. Encourage cooperation and collaboration in the classroom by having students work together to solve the activity page.

Words in the brain teaser may be found hidden in any number of directions: up, down, forwards, or backwards. Words are not hidden on the diagonal.

Other ideas for using this activity page might include:
- choose the word with the most letters and then find and print as many smaller words that you can find within that one larger word (e.g. word choice=white: tie, hit, wit, the)
- illustrate Valentine's Day cards using some of these words
- have students create their own fill-in-the-blank sentences and exchange with a friend to complete
- find the definition for each of the 10 words
- have students create their own word search puzzles using heart-shaped grids

You can find blank word search grids here: Word Search Grid


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