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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 17()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 17

Are you looking for teacher activities and lesson plan resources for the Valentine's Day? Here is a Grade 3 Valentine's Day activity page that includes:
l. a list of 15 words hidden in the grid (send, dove, gift, kiss, happy, message, balloon, card, poem, hugs, friendly, pink, lace, fourteenth, sweet), and
2. a follow up activity

This challenging follow up activity directs students to create a tally of the number of times each first letter of each word appears. For example: the letter |d| appears only once, while the letter |h| appears twice.

Words in the brain teaser may be found hidden in all 8 directions: horizontally, vertically, diagonally.

Other ideas for using this activity page might include:
- choose the word with the most letters and then find and print as many smaller words that you can find within that one larger word (e.g. word choice=message: mess, sag, sage, age, ... )
- illustrate Valentine's Day cards using some of these words
- have students create their own fill-in-the-blank sentences and exchange with a friend to complete
- put the words in alphabetical order
- have students create their own word search puzzles using heart-shaped grids

You can find blank word search grids here: Word Search Grid