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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 20()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 20

Looking for educator lesson plan activities for Valentine's Day? Use this activity page in your lesson plans as a complement to Valentine's Day programming.

Activity page includes:
l. a list of 15 words hidden in the grid (party, rose, silver, February, love, letter, cute, purple, cupcake, friendship, secret, sweethearts, violets, mine, mailbox), with
2. a follow up activity below the word search

This language based follow up activity directs students find words within a word.

The list of 15 words hidden in the grid may be found in all 8 directions: diagonally, vertically and horizontally.

Looking for additional lesson plan activities? Here are some other ideas:
- have students create their own word search puzzles and then exchange with a friend to solve (link below directs you to multiple varieties of blank word search grids, including the 11x11, 15x15 grids, as well as many different shapes: heart, robot, country)
- list the words by number of letters in each word; put words in alphabetical order for each grouping (for example: 4-letter words should be listed this way: cute, love, mine, rose)
- categorize the words using the following criteria (where possible): person/place/thing

You can find blank word search grids here: Word Search Grid

Happy February!

February is a time to celebrate Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, and Valentine's Day!

New puzzles have been added for Black History Month, including a BINGO Game. Check back often for NEW puzzles!