Valentine's Word Search Scrambled #19

Valentine's Word Search Scrambled #19

Valentine's Word Search Scrambled #19 For Google Apps
Valentine's Word Search Scrambled #19

Looking for free and fun teacher activities and resources for your kids and students, related to Valentine's Day? Here is a scrambled letters word search puzzle to give kids as a way to support their learning without them even knowing it! Puzzle helps with memory, engages critical thinking skills and helps consolidate spelling of Valentine words.

Here are the steps to solve the puzzle:
1. First, rearrange the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid (draws upon memory and knowledge of letter pattern/word knowledge and experience with vocabulary).
2. Next, record the correct spelling, if needed.
3. Then, locate the words hidden in the grid.
4. And, trace each letter path.
5. Finally, track progress by crossing out words as they are located in the grid.

Here are some benefits of including puzzles in the classroom.
- engage kids' brains and activate problem solving strategies
- support vocabulary building
- help with memory and visual acuity
- engage critical thinking skills
- support distance learning, in-class instruction and a hybrid learning environment of both in-class and remote learning
- support homeschooling and tutoring learning environments

Free downloadable PDF and Google apps version of scrambled letters word search puzzle.