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Word Maze-Google Apps&PDF #15()
Word Maze-Google Apps&PDF #15

Word Maze-Google Apps&PDF #15 For Google Apps
Word Maze-Google Apps&PDF #15

Looking for FREE, fun and engaging educator resources for Valentine's Day? Here is a word maze puzzle to engage critical thinking skills and support development of problem solving strategies.

To solve the puzzle:
- review the words below the grid
- locate the circled letter (the first letter of the first word)
- compare the first letter with the list of words
- determine the first word by reviewing surrounding letters
- trace the letter path
- when complete, look for the beginning of the next word by comparing surrounding letters with the list of words
- letter paths go up, down, right, left and diagonally; letter paths cross
- continue until all 15 letter paths are traced

Word maze is available in both the free, downloadable PDF and in Google apps.

Thinking of You!

As more students are learning through either a hybrid model (both in-person and remote learning) and/or exclusively remote learning, we are working hard to digitize our puzzles. Labeled with PDF and Google Apps version. Here are two examples: Scrambled Letters-Google Apps&PDF | 12 x 12 Blank Word Search.

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Melissa and Doug