Valentine's Word Search #16

Valentine's Word Search #16

Valentine's Word Search #16 For Google Apps
Valentine's Word Search #16

Looking for fun and easy activity to give kids and students related to Valentine's Day? Here is a regular type word search puzzle, with a list of 15 words and letter hints. Puzzle engages kids' brains while making learning fun without the even knowing it!

Solve the puzzle
-review the word list below the grid
-locate the circled letters
-trace the letter paths; letter paths travel: up, down, right, left, and diagonally in all 8 directions
-track progress, if needed, by crossing off the words as they are located in the grid.

Why are puzzles important for learning?

Puzzles support learning in a variety of ways:
l. assist with memory skills
2. support visual acuity
3. engage critical thinking skills
4. activate problem solving strategies
5. make learning fun in a way where kids don't know they are learning

Valentine's Day word search puzzle, with letter hints, is available in both Google apps and PDF versions.