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Father's Day - Cryptolist Puzzles

How do cryptolist puzzles augment classroom curriculum? Puzzles augment classrooms and home schooling environments when given to students as a support for vocabulary building, consolidation of spelling and development of cooperation and collaboration. Use puzzles as a tool to introduce concepts, new vocabulary and encourage perseverance as students work to solve them. The more challenging cryptolist puzzles are an alphabet encrypted list of words, usually based on a theme. In this case, Father's Day theme. Each letter of the alphabet is substituted with another letter. To solve the puzzle, the code needs to be decrypted. Knowledge of letter and word patterns, combined with theme based knowledge, are keys to solving these brain teasers. The greater the students' knowledge of common letter patterns and word structures, the faster these puzzles are solved. Not only do these puzzles augment ongoing curriculum, these puzzle activities develop cooperation and collaboration skills.

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Spring Is Almost Here!

The first day of Spring in North America is just around another big corner. Download and print puzzles to take outside and enjoy the sunshine, get some fresh air and engage the brain!

Here are two links to a couple of great brain teasers on our website: Samurai Sudoku Puzzles and our Alphadoku Puzzle collection!

Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

New Arrival  Portillon puzzle