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October 2018, our Puzzle team moved our old domain, puzzlebookninja.com to our new location: https://learnwithpuzzles.com. Don't worry though, because we are still providing the innovative, engaging, creative puzzles that you have come to know and trust. Hallowe'en is passed, and next around the corner is Thanksgiving. Here is the direct link to our Thanksgiving Puzzle Collection. Our collection includes word search puzzles, cryptolist puzzles, scrambled letter puzzles and so much more! Home schoolers will also find that our Thanksgiving Resources support vocabulary building, practise with spelling, while engaging students' brains as they use any number of problem solving skills to complete the puzzles. Engaged learners are happy learners! Make learning fun with puzzles. Remember to include challenging mathematical puzzles as part of your every day routine.

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Gobble, Gobble!

With Thanksgiving in a few weeks, our Learn With Puzzles team has put together a collection of puzzles that is sure to challenge the not-so-faint-at-heart, while also providing vocabulary building puzzles and puzzles to engage the brain! Check out our collection of Thanksgiving Puzzles.

Kids are creative and what better way to grow that love is to give them chances to create their own wordsearch puzzles! Here is the direct link: Blank Word Search Grids.

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