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Are you looking for those challenging brain teasers that everybody is talking about? Here is the link to our recent additions of these fiendish type of Sudoku puzzles: Samurai Sudoku Puzzles - Beginner.

And, because Xmas is almost upon us, help support kids vocabulary building and spelling with our recently catalogued Xmas word shapes puzzles: Xmas Word Shapes Puzzles.

Make learning fun with puzzles. Remember to include puzzles that engage the creative side of kids: Blank Word Search Grids and the challenging side of kids: mathematical puzzles.

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What's New?

The Learn With Puzzles team is having so much fun putting puzzles together that support student learning, engage their brains, and provide exercises that strengthen fine motor skills and visual acuity. We also love the puzzle challenges we have created for Adults and Grandparents. Check out our collection of Puzzles for Grandparents.

With Christmas around the corner our team created additional puzzles to support students in their vocabulary building and spelling. Our Christmas Word Shapes Puzzles are a great addition to our currently very large Christmas Puzzle collection.

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