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Our Puzzle team has just moved our old domain, puzzlebookninja.com to our new location: https://learnwithpuzzles.com. Don't worry though, because we are still providing the innovative, engaging, creative puzzles that you have come to know and trust. Cataloguing of our newest category, the FRENCH vocabulary puzzles, is now complete. We currently have word search puzzles using over 100 French sight vocabulary words. Word shapes puzzles are also included for these French sight words. The colors in French, days of the week in French and months of the year in French are all part of our expanding collection. Here are the direct links: French Word Search Puzzles and French Word Shapes Puzzles. Great resources for substitute teachers in Core French classrooms, as well as supporting vocabulary building for students in French Immersion Schools. Home schoolers will also find that these second language, or additional language, resources support vocabulary building, easy to integrate and complement their literacy programming. Continue to engage learners and ignite their passion for learning by making it fun using puzzles. Jump start your day with a challenging mathematical puzzles. Choose from 1 of 4 categories!

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Bonjour! Comment vas-tu aujourd'hui? The newest addition to our expanding collection of puzzles is our French vocabulary category. Great resources for substitute teachers in Core French, as well as supports for students in French Immersion!

Direct link to the word search puzzles: French Vocabulary Word Searches. Direct link to our word shapes puzzles: French Vocabulary Word Shapes Puzzles.

Have kids try their own French vocabulary word search puzzles. Here is the link to download blank grids: Blank Word Search Grids.

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