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all Word Family Activity

Why are word search puzzles important adjuncts to learning? Word search brain teasers provide educators with a tool to support students' vocabulary building skills, problem solving skills, and growth and development of a foundational vocabulary base necessary for reading and writing skills.

This is achieved by students' practice with seeing lists of words, and then locating those words that have been hidden in a 9x9 word search grid.

To further engage students' brains using word search puzzles, this all word family activity has the words scrambled. To solve the puzzle students must first unscramble the words and then find them located in the grid.


Hope that everyone is keeping safe! Time travels so quickly it seems, and here we are coming up to Thanksgiving in Canada and then Halloween at the end of October! Have fun completing puzzles from the Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en collections found here: Thanksgiving Puzzles | Thanksgiving Word Searches | Hallowe'en Puzzles.

Check back often for updates!

Melissa and Doug