ESL - Back To School Puzzle #24

ESL -  Back To School Puzzle #24

ESL - Back To School Puzzle #24 For Google Apps
ESL -  Back To School Puzzle #24

This back to school easy crossword puzzle supports brain engagement while helping to build vocabulary and consolidate spelling for words related to back to school.

Here is an easy back to school crossword puzzle to support vocabulary building and getting kids working on their problem solving skills. Available in both printable and Google Quizzes formats.

Puzzles support brain health by creating connections between topics, ideas, content as they solve the crosswords using a variety of strategies.

This puzzle supports:
- distance learning
- hybrid classroom learning
- home schooling curriculum
- elementary grade classroom and
- also acts as a tutoring resource

To solve the printable version of the puzzle:
-download and print the file
-review the words in the word bank
-use the across and down clues about back to school to determine the correct answer
-record the answers in the corresponding numbered boxes in the grid

To solve the Google Quiz™ version:
-use the link and copy the file to the computer
-click the PREVIEW button
-review the words in the word bank
-record the answer in the space provided
-spelling is important
-click SUBMIT and then VIEW SCORE