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List of 10 Back to School Words()
List of 10 Back to School Words

List of 10 back to school words included in this crossword puzzle. Puzzle engages the brain, while helping with students' vocabulary building skills.

Use the across and down clues and the word bank to record the correct answer in the numbered grid.

Start by solving for any fill in the blank clues. Then look for known words (e.g. opposite, synonym, plural, short forms etc) in clues that given some direction about the correct answer.

Spring Is Almost Here!

The first day of Spring in North America is just around another big corner. Download and print puzzles to take outside and enjoy the sunshine, get some fresh air and engage the brain!

Here are two links to a couple of great brain teasers on our website: Samurai Sudoku Puzzles and our Alphadoku Puzzle collection!

Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

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